Open Space Technology on Mediation

In my capacity as the President of In Media, I designed and organized, together with Stefania Lattuille, another Open Space Technology which will take place next 1st February in Milan.
The theme of this new OST Mediation comes from the new scenario that mediation and mediators are now facing in Italy: "Mediation: what now?"
By its decision issued on 24 October 2012, the Italian Constitutional Court has ruled that the Italian Government overreached its legislative authority implementing the "Compulsory Mediation" through the provision of the Legislative Decree n. 28, dated 4 March 2010. Since then, we have been experiencing the many faces of uncertainty on the future of mediation, we sense a growing hostility towards mediation and the discomfort of empty mediation tables. Too many times I have recently heard expressions of disapproval that could sound like this: "Mediation... is it that thing against the Constitution? Which means against the law, isn't it...?".
We have to win back the trust of the pubblic opinion and of the professionals it is a challenging task. But this is also an opportunity for a fresh start, with new insight on mediation.
At the same time, there are hundreds and thousands of practicing Italian mediators who are not willing to step back while someone else decides on their professional future. We, as mediators, in our professional capacity, have developed and practiced skills and technologies that allows us to formulate new proposals for ourselves and for mediation in general.
Given our expertise and our ability to work proactively, no one is in a better position than we are for finding a satisfactory solution. These are times in which we do have to use our creativity and ability to both find a solution and clearly state our professional status as mediators. The OST Mediation uses a collaborative and participatory method, which focuses on the passion and on the responsibility of the participants to find answers and practical solutions. Therefore I think that this is one of the correct and appropriate ways to deploy our resources as mediators in order to truly transform this depressing scene into an opportunity.
If you are passionate about mediation, if you have something to say, if you want to do something about this situation with other fellows mediators, you are welcome to participate.
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