Why should we engage in a partecipative process in order to promote cross-border mediation

These are only some draft notes of mine on the promotion of mediation through a partecipative (bottom-up) process.

Why should we engage in a crowdsourcing process?
First of all because we - as mediators - are dealing with the needs of the litigants.
Our job in every mediation is to discover the needs under the iceberg of standpoints.
This is how mediators get the parties toghether and this is the difference between a negotiation,
let's say, a pure negotiation and a mediation.

So why don't we promote mediation by using the same method that we use in mediation?
If our goal is to promote mediation and
if mediation is something that brings the parties toghether, 
something that overcomes the different standpoints in order to reach an agreement, 
that explores all the all the possible solutions,
well, then we should do the same while promoting it.

Briefly, we should use a method which is congruent with the goal that we are pursuing.
The method of mediation.
Why a bottom-up process is congruent with mediation?
One of the main features of mediation is the empowerment of the parties.
In mediation the parties are entitled to decide the outcome, 
they are in control of their own solution. The mediator only governs the process, 
holding time and space for them.
As a result of these facts, the parties are given the responsability of  what they are doing,
of their attitude and, of course, of the results.
A crowdwsourcing process, a real participative process gives the participants the responsability for their actions.
A bottom-up process starts from the needs and leads the people to their satisfacion.

Why is a partecipative process particularly suitable for cross border mediation?
In cross-border mediation the scenario can reach a high level of complexity, due to the differences
of backgrounds, culture, language and so on.
The starting point of a partecipative process is a common ground for everybody, since the needs are
universal, non negotiable. Especiallty those needs at the base of Maslow's pyramid.
So, given the fact that a participative process is a very good way to deal with every mediation,
that is particularly true for cross-border mediation.

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