AIA European International Network on cross border mediation

Sta nascendo in questi mesi il Network internazionale promosso da AIA - Association for International Arbitration per la promozione della mediazione transfrontaliera.
Io ho avuto il privilegio di partecipare quale Presidente di In Media alla prima riunione del network che si è tenuta a Bruxelles il 21 giugno 2012.
Qui di seguito la trascrizione del mio discorso di presentazione.

Dear Friends and Collegues
In Media was established in Milan, in 2008.
Our association puts together professionals from different areas of practice who engage with each other and collaborate to promote mediation.
Our statutory goals include the spreading of conflict management, negotiation and mediation skills, ie relationship culture or the technology of peace.
During the past few years we have organized courses for professional mediators, workshops, seminars, conferences, shows and social gatherings so that mediators and mediation enthusiasts can get together.
I believe that at this point in the recent history of mediation we should ask ourselves why is it so hard to promote mediation and to get good results? Why is it so hard to get mediations done, to get real people to a real mediation table, people with the right attitude, with a good understanding of mediation? In Italy, as you may be well aware, we have mandatory mediation, but even so – or should I say, because of that - we are facing new difficulties. Mediation is not widely accepted, it is not perceived as something valuable and useful. Why?

Too often “mediation” is only a word, something people have only heard about while dealing with other issues such as conflicts, disputes, tribunals and courts. In my professional experience I’ve also often found a certain vision of mediation, as though at a certain point in people’s lives mediation were to pop up by magic, spreading – hopefully -peace and agreement among the litigants. But should mediation be something exceptional, something we randomly use when it is needed or should we engage towards a real change of attitude, towards a culture of mediation?
We should think of an approach to mediation which is entirely congruent with Mediation itself. An approach discovering the needs underneath the water on the iceberg of standpoints. An approach to mediation that importantly involves all the stakeholders and those who may become one. So, briefly, I think that while dealing with our network and while deciding how we could collaborate and work together we should seriously take into consideration how to get the general population involved in mediation and committed to mediation.
I’m not expecting to cast a spell so that everyone can fell in love with mediation. I’m not expecting that some kind of external or superior authority can make mediation happen just spreading some sacred word form up above!
Instead, why don’t we start a bottom-up process dealing with mediation in a practical and effective way? I’m convinced that we should not only think of building the role of the European mediator, but we should also build a European Community for mediation in order to create a network of shared knowledge and experiences of mediation involving all the stakeholders with a crowdsourcing process, a bottom-up process, a participative and collaborative process. We should figure out how to take off from the needs underneath the water. Of course this is only an idea, a suggestion, this is my wish.
But if we really ran a process of that kind, we could promote our network as a reliable subject on a European scale, we could get leverage for our projects from the crowdsourcing process, we could do something valuable, different and new compared to all existing mediation centers and institutions.
My strongest wish for our mutual work here, with AIA, is that we can all start a participative process among oursevelves and our centers first of all, and then among the general population.
My strongest wish for our AIA Network is that we can make a difference for mediation in Europe and in our Countries, that we can make mediation happen. Thank you

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