Q&A with NATALIA GAIADENKO SCHAER, Russian Lawyer, Arbitrator and Mediator

You Natalia made a precise choice pro mediation, are you still with it or are you having second thoughts?
I believe that , as Russians say, bad peace is better than a good war. And the preferable way to reach this peace is negotiation.  Mediation  is a kind of assisted negotiation, therefore, I am still with it, recognizing, however,  that it is not a sole and unique way to bring the parties to solution. Do not forget, I am also an arbitrator.
Did your study and practice of mediation change your prospective in your work?
Yes, certainly.
I feel interest from my colleagues, clients and fellow scientists and understand that lot of work is to do.
Towards clients and colleagues?
I am giving extensive lectures on the advantages of ADR and try to answer their numerous questions.
Towards how to structure your everyday work?
I spend more time in communication and suddenly have to write lots of articles on the subject.

 Has mediation had any impact on your everyday life?
If you would resume mediation in one word, what would that be?
Are there some critical points in mediation – as it is performed now, by yourself or by other fellow mediators – that you are not comfortable with?
Which ones?
Trend to decide for the parties, to ruin their respective positions and to expressly advise them what to do
Which is the most fashionable aspect of mediation?
Well… Everybody speaks about it and any middleman proudly announces himself as a “mediator”
And the most lovable?
Pleasure to get in touch with likeminded people (as you, Mafra) and to feel that you are really able to change a little bit of the world.
And the most convincing?
When you see the result…
And the most intriguing?
You never know how it will go…
And the most easy going?
Establishing contacts with the parties
And… the most difficult?
Not to feel like God if you managed to do it.

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