Q&A Hans De Coninck, Belgian Lawyer and Mediator

Hello Hans, would you mind if I ask you some questions on mediation?
Sure, go ahead!
You made a precise choice pro mediation, are you still with it or are you having second thoughts?
Not at all. I'm enthusiastic about mediation. I'm only worried about the costs of mediation and about the imbalance of powers between parties as far as consumer matters are concerned. On these very subjects I recently wrote an article on the implementation of the EU mediation directive in the DCCR Review
Did your study and practice of mediation change your prospective in your work? 
Well, yes. I'm now thinking of getting a specialization in labour mediation.
I also think that the Belgian portalsite www.belmed.be is very promising for all kinds of consumer disputes and for small claims.
Are there some critical points in mediation - as it is performed now by yourself or by other fellows mediators - that you are not comfortable with?
The point I'm most worried about is the imbalance of powers between parties, as I can often see in consumer disputes.
And which is the aspect of mediation that you prefer?
The fact that through the search for creative interests, options and solution, you can find your way out of the conflict in what we call a "win win" way!
Thank you Hans!
You're very welcome, Francesca!

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